Benefits of ATI Pulse

Predict NCLEX Success Early

ATI Pulse categorizes students into risk categories: On Track, Needs Improvement, and At Risk of Passing NCLEX. It also allows for comparison across cohorts, provides a view of cohort and student level prediction as well as current and historical Content Mastery Series assessment performance.

Find at Risk Students

ATI Pulse provides predictions of success, identifies at risk students even before they attempt their first proctored Content Mastery Series assessment and continues refining their predicted probability of passing NCLEX throughout their academic program. This provides students and programs with the time they need to improve scores and ultimately increase NCLEX pass rates.

Drive ATI Product Usage

ATI Pulse provides recommendations of specific learning activities and modules that best prepare students to succeed on their Content Mastery Series assessments. Additionally, educators can explore comprehensive and detailed views of student and cohort product usage as compared to data-driven ATI recommendations. This can help guide remediation, product policy creation and policy enforcement.

The Numbers Behind Our Predictive Model

Results of ATI’s large scale analysis expand upon similar, program-level, efforts exploring how ATI products are predictive of later NCLEX-RN performance.


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