Frequently Asked Questions

1. Are there different ATI Pulse models for students enrolled in a BSN vs. in an ADN program?

Although the same methodology and analytical processes were used to create BSN and ADN versions of the ATI Pulse model, separate predictive algorithms exist for students enrolled in ADN vs. BSN programs. The different predictive algorithms emphasize or deemphasize certain predictors of later NCLEX success as a function of how they perform analytically within these two different student populations. Despite ATI Pulse’s program-specific weighting of predictors, comparable predictive accuracy is achieved for both ADN and BSN program types.

2. Does the ATI Pulse model include students’ GPA or course grades? 

Although frequently found to be a predictor of later NCLEX performance, GPA and/or course grades are not part of ATI’s Pulse predictive model. The reason for not including these grade based metrics is two-fold. First, distribution of course grades (and therefore GPA) are likely to vary as a function of faculty grading difficulty. As a result, course grades highly predictive of NLCEX success at one institution may only be marginally predictive at another institution. The second reason for not including GPA or course grades is that ATI does not have broad access to students’ grades or overall GPA data. Combined, these analytical hurdles prevent GPA or course grades’ inclusion into the Pulse product.

3. What if my program does not use one or more of the assessments that are part of the ATI Pulse model? 

The ATI Pulse model’s accuracy is negatively impacted by greater amounts of missing data; however, values for missing assessments can be estimated (i.e., imputed) and students are still provided with predicted probabilities of passing NCLEX. It is strongly recommended that ATI Pulse users strive to use all ATI products included within the predictive algorithm. Increased use of the designated ATI products will improve the predictive outcomes of ATI Pulse.

4. Does the ATI Pulse model require that proctored assessments be administered in a certain order? 

Students and faculty can see the earliest ATI Pulse prediction data. ATI Pulse scores will appear when students are admitted to the nursing program and have entered their ATI CDN Product ID Codes on the ATI website. This prompts the ATI Pulse system to provide the earliest opportunity to create a student developmental/learning plan.

Ideally, all ATI Content Mastery Series proctored assessments should be administered prior to the ATI Comprehensive Predictor proctored assessment. This ensures that students and faculty have an opportunity to see all ATI Pulse predictions and that the prediction data is as accurate as possible. Administration of the ATI Comprehensive Predictor triggers ATI Pulse to stop providing predictions.

5. How can students go about increasing the ATI Pulse computed predicted probability of passing the NCLEX? 

ATI encourages programs to build student remediation plans that include retesting on content mastery assessments when lower than desired performance was achieved during the first proctored examination. In addition to potentially allowing students multiple attempts on proctored assessments, students and faculty can use the ATI Pulse dashboard to understand which remediation tools (e.g., tutorials) are available. Although subsequent remediation efforts are designed to increase students’ nursing content mastery, these behaviors are not currently translatable into an analytical change in a student’s predicted probability of passing NCLEX.

6. May I get a copy of the ATI Pulse methodologies and formulae?

Thank you for your interest in our model and the exciting promise it offers! Unfortunately, the ATI Pulse model, its methodologies, and its underlying analytical techniques are proprietary and may not be distributed.

7. I am a student. How do I access ATI Pulse?

Please input your cohort CDN Product ID code, which will trigger ATI Pulse to become active. Please note that a CDN code must be used for ATI Pulse to function properly. The utilization of individual Product ID codes that are not associated with the cohort CDN Product ID code could cause data gaps and errors in Pulse.

8. I am a faculty member. How do I view ATI Pulse for my classes?

In the Faculty Portal, you may access ATI Pulse data for your cohort by choosing “Explore” from the Pulse tile on your Customizable Home Page or from within Product Highlights.  You may also access ATI Pulse by choosing Analytics from the left navigation menu and clicking the ATI Pulse tile.

9. I took an assessment, but it’s missing from my ATI Pulse score. What do I do?

Contact ATI Client Care at 1-800-667-7531. Please explain your problem, and our team will research the issue.

10. Why do I see a Comprehensive Predictor attempt as incomplete?

Comprehensive Predictors will show as “N/A” if a Content Mastery Series proctored assessment is taken after the Comprehensive Predictor. However, Comprehensive Predictor results will still show on the transcript.

11. Why did my score improve after the ATI Pulse algorithm updated in September 2019?

There were several changes to the Pulse algorithm that could potentially change a student’s Probability of Passing score after the update. With the update to the Pulse algorithm, Nutrition proctored assessment scores are now incorporated as well as any Content Mastery Series proctored assessment retakes, and ATI TEAS scores are no longer included. If you have any questions regarding your ATI Pulse score, please contact your instructor.